Sendai, Japan

1953 Camp Crawford 1954 Camp Sendai 1955-56 Camp Schimm Around Sendai Shops in Sendai

 Emergency Leave


My Father had Cancer
Lanier Field
Flying over Rice Paddies
Haneda Airport
Tokyo to Hawaii
Ship at Sea
Gooney Birds Wake Island
Hickam Air Force Base
Hotel in Honolulu
Waikiki Beach
PX at Hickam
Golden Gate Bridge
Hawaii to California
Leave Chicago for Dayton
Dayton, Ohio
Waikiki Beach Hawaii

March 1955 on Waikiki Beach
  The photo was taken on Waikiki Beach in March 1955. Since we came back to Hawaii, and spent the day and night I got to explore the beach, get my picture taken and shop some of the stores. The only problem was my winter wool uniform was too hot here.
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