Sendai, Japan

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Sendai Shops

Businesses Downtown

Ichibanco and Aobadori Avenue
Mihara-dou Eye Glass Shop
Tsuishu Lacquer Ware
Fish Market
Futaba Pharmacy
Dog on Bag of Rice
Ivory Box
Cloth for Kimono
Nursing Baby - Selling Flowers
Sato Denki
Girls Selling Cakes
Selling Cloth
Selling Fruit
Sendai Shops
Shopping for Sales
Shops in Sendai
Fujisaki Silverware Set
Fujisaki Silverware
Strolling Shoppers
Uncluttered View of Sendai
Nicky the Tailor
Ichibancho and Aobadori Avenue

Ichibanco and Aobadori Avenues
The corner is still famous today but Ichibancho is covered like a mall. This was always a busy street and filled with shoppers. Please notice there are no cars in sight. Toshiyuki Tanno's 1999 photo of same spot is shown in this picture. Notice trees.  here


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