Sendai, Japan

1953 Camp Crawford 1954 Camp Sendai 1955-56 Camp Schimm Around Sendai Shops in Sendai

Camp Sendai

Part II
Fire department
Football Bleachers
Football games

Leaving camp
Mitsui, our laundry man
My best friend
Orderly Room
School at Camp Sendai
Service Club
Shoulder patch XVI Corps
Shoulder patch IX Corps
Sergeant Lincoln
Smile for camera
Tokyo Ga-Jo-En Kanko Hotel
Tokyo hotel maids
Washing Clothes

Yokohama dock
Yokohama Grill

Mitsui, Our Laundry Man
I asked Mitsui if I could take his picture. He said, "Yes."

Mitsuo our laundry man. He was very nice and came each week to pick up and deliver our laundry


Mitsui sat down on my foot locker and I took his picture. His company used gasoline to clean our wool army uniforms.

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