Sendai, Japan

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Camp Sendai

Part I
Abe at his barracks
Abraham sorts mail
Abraham at Post Office
Abraham reading mail
Armed Forces Day
Adjutant General Section
Between ocean and canal
Boys Visit us at CPX
Camp Sendai main gate
Chapel at camp
Children walking to school
Christmas dinner menu
Colonel Knox of AG
Cool Cat
Dependent housing area
Dining room and kitchen
Driver's license
Field House

Buddha at Kamakura
Buddha Gate
Buddha's Shadow

Part II

Abraham Sorts Mail
Photo was featured in a newspaper story

Abraham sorting mail at IX Corps Headquarters. Story about it later appeared in Chicago newspaper.


8:40 a.m. Working rapidly so that the mail is ready on time, Cpl. Abraham Lincoln, 11th APU, makes the final breakdown in the mail before it is given out to the troops. Pfc. Bob A. Popa, 510th Trans Co. gets his mail from Cpl. Lincoln at IX Corps Hq in Sendai and waiting for mail are Cpl. James Gorny, Pfc. Richard Bauer and Pvt. R. E, Moore who work in IX Corps Hq. here

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