Sendai, Japan

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 Camp Crawford

Abe in Stars and Stripes
AG Section 1st Cav Div
Boys playing on beach
Camp Crawford from the air
Church at Camp Crawford
Cold Winter Day in Sapporo
Crawford mess card
Dark Storm Clouds

Downtown Sapporo in taxi
Family pulled wagon
Jazankei restaurant
Jazankei hotels
One day in November 1953
Motorcyclists on road
Quonset hut under snow
Rickshaws in Sapporo
Sapporo street scene
Smoke and clouds

Tatami Mat Weaver
Yoichi, Hokkaido
Toys for Christmas
Christmas Card

Camp Crawford in 1953

Camp Crawford from the air
The building in the center is the Pentagon where I worked in the AG Section. Across the road, to the right, is our PX. In the right corner behind the Pentagon is the Service Club. To the left of the Pentagon is our church. To the left of the church across the street, counting from the first hut, mine was the third one. The big building at the bottom left, which only shows the roof, is our theater, and the little building to its right is the Far East Radio Network radio station, and the other large building on the right of the radio station is the field house. This photo was given to me just before I left for Camp Sendai. See slightly larger picture. Here.



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