Sendai, Japan

1953 Camp Crawford 1954 Camp Sendai 1955-56 Camp Schimm Around Sendai Shops in Sendai

 Around Sendai

Part II Around Sendai
Large house or hotel
Lord Date Masamune
Miyagi Prefecture offices
Moving river bank
Mt. Zao from Sendai
Mt. Zao village
Mt. Zao photos
Mt. Zao hostess
Mt. Zao sound asleep
Nakanose bridge
Overlooking Sendai
Pachinko man by Hirose
Photography group
Portrait of a young girl
Samurai clothing
Shiogama boats
Sukehachi inn
Tori in Sendai
Tori Hachiman
Tori on Castle Hill
Train station
Trash Man
Walking down path
Yagi-yama bridge
Yamagata city
Yodomi bridge

Old Samurai Clothing

Old samurai clothing displayed in department store

  This outfit was colorful and attracted my attention as I was passing the store. I did not know what it was, but I took the picture in 1955. Click picture to enlarge.  
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