Sendai, Japan

1953 Camp Crawford 1954 Camp Sendai 1955-56 Camp Schimm Around Sendai Shops in Sendai

 Around Sendai

Part I Around Sendai
Abe on Castle Hill
Aobadori Avenue
Aobayama views Sendai
Around Aobayama
Astronomical observatory
Bar near train station
Cliff by Hirose River
Guest house
Corner Store in Sendai
Dog in street
Eagle monument
Eating Watermelons
Wooden school
Wooden school slide
Fence bamboo
Fence and wall
Fujisaki roof rides
Greenhouse near Sendai
Honey bucket wagons
Hospital in Sendai
Hyoujogawara foot bridge
Ice skaters
Jozenjidori Avenue
Kids Reading Comic

Part II Around Sendai

Hyoujogawara Bridge
People cross Hirose river on this bridge every day

Foot bridge across river.
The Hyoujogawara foot bridge across the Hirose River when the river was still clean enough to swim in. This bridge got washed away in floods and was located near the big cliff. 1954 photo. Toshiyuki Tanno took a photo of same area in 1999. here




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