The Camp Crawford Newspaper

What’s in a name?

In the course of history there have been many great names. Names like, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Lincoln. Now, in this present day and age, they are symbols of eras past.

A newcomer recently Joined the First Team. This in itself is not news. Personnel come and go daily. However, it is news when such an individual as Abraham Lincoln becomes a member of the Division.

Abraham Lincoln III, is a descendant of the former ‘emancipator’ of the slaves, Abe Lincoln, President of the United States. Abe hails from Gordon, Ohio, and entered service in April taking his basic at Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky. After an eight week cycle of infantry training, Abe was sent to Clerk Typist School at Camp Breckinridge.

Upon completion or the 10 week period of instruction he was assigned to the 15th FA Battalion as company clerk. Abe had little opportunity to accustom himself to his new job before a levy came along and sent him off to the Far East Command with Carrier Company #2. This in itself was a most unusual movement, for an entire company was sent overseas in one complete shipment. This was estimated to be the second such type shipment to Japan.

After a period of 14 days at sea, the weary boatload of men arrived at Yokohama. This was a dream come true for Abe, for he had always wanted to visit the Orient.

After disembarking, Abe was loaded aboard a train bound for Camp Drake. Enroute, a world of new panoramic scenes unfolded before his eyes. Here was truly inspiration for his art work. Abe was a connoisseur of the arts so to speak, before his Army hitch.

Like all the other uncertain personnel housed at the Replacement Depot, Abe awaited his assignment orders daily, hoping for a tour of duty in Japan. After waiting at Camp Drake two days, Abe finally was given his assignment, much to the amusement of the men around him who thought the name was rather unusual.

When Abe reached the 15th Replacement Company, a vacancy was left unfilled in the Adjutant General Section at Division Headquarters, Camp Crawford, and after screening Abe was assigned to fill it.

At present, Abraham Lincoln III is working daily in the Unit Personnel Branch of the Adjutant General Section.

Many people have asked Abe about his ancestors. They all ask whether he is really named after the President. Abe delights in telling them that he is, but the event concerning the naming was one of great amusement. Even though his father is a second cousin to Abraham Lincoln, his parents had not thought to moniker him with Abraham. It was just coincidence.

Abe has always aspired to enter the field of commercial art, and studied for over a year before entering the service. Upon completion of his Army tour, Abe will return to his art studies, but will lean more towards portrait work. His favorite painter is Rembrandt, and who can argue with him over his selection.

For the time being, Abe passes his spare time dabbing in pen and ink sketch work,. always looking f or ward to the day when he will be known as Lincoln, the artist rather than be, the President.

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