You've Got Asthma

January, 8, 2001
I went through a heart catheterization at Good Samaritan Hospital.

This was done to see if there were obstructions that might be causing myAbraham at 68 years old continued breathing problems. The results were negative but positive in that my heart is now better than it was five years ago when the same procedure was done. That's the good news.

A new breathing test revealed some improvements after taking different medications. That pleased my doctor and me, but he said that I now have "Asthma" on top of emphysema.

Asthma can be treated. I will always have emphysema and it will gradually get worse, but since I quit smoking March 10, 1996, my diseased lungs will decline at the same rate of a non-smoker. Asthma is a nightmare. About the best way to explain what asthma is like is running wearing a gas mask.

February 10, 2001
February is awful. Just breathing is a constant problem.

March 21, 2001
Then along comes March and the problems continued but l I went outside and was able to nail a couple of boards together and make a birdfeeder. I forgot how bad I was and felt normal for a couple of hours.

May 8, 2001
I mowed the grass and planted some flower seeds. Along came the Oak Tree Pollen and Grass Pollen and I am nearly down for the count.

After getting worse my family doctor gave me Singulair and Zyrtec and these have been working. I am beginning to feel better and can go outside without having to wear a facial mask.

July 31, 2001
The Veterans Medical Center doctors told me to discontinue Zyrtec and they do not have Singulair so I will have to get that myself. It has helped me a lot. I can actually skip using the inhalers without any difficulty, but must return to them as needed.

August 18, 2001
Forget about skipping the inhalers with increased heat and humidity, I found that I must use the inhalers more often than in the past. With Ragweed and grass pollens in abundance, just trying to breathe is itself something of a chore.

February 24, 2002
Getting around in cold weather is impossible even with inhalers. I would not wish asthma on anybody. It is a tough thing to live with.

June 15, 2003
Have been taking Singulair for a year and was able to give up all inhalers and other medicines. Was able to shovel snow last winter and am able to work outside in yard. Actually feel good for a change.

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