Link List related Matsushima and architect Jan Letzel

 Matsushima Sightseeing Association
   Information of Matsushima
(Sightseeing,Amusement,Hotels,Gourmet,Souvenir,Walking Course)

 The Home page of BUNBUN - mini-newspaper of communication
Introduction of history and culture of Matsushima,fishing diary,photos,bath at field,etc

 Sendai, Japan in Photographs
Mr. Lincoln's Home Page,he had stayed in Sendai after World War II.
You can see varias photos in Sendai in hard time.

 Jan Letzel
Introduction of architect Jan Letzel who designed Matsushima Park Hotel and A-Bomb-Dome
This site has many links

 Paradise Garden
Information of NHK TV Drama of Jan Letzel in fiction

 The Hotel Europe
Jan Letzel had joined to design this Hotel

 Lost Hotels in Japan
Introduction of old and lost classic hotels in Japan

 Museum Bunriha-Kenchiku
Introduction expressionism buildings which was built in Taisho-Era or Showa-Era
This site has a lot of photos of old buildings by Bunriha(The Japanese Secession)

   Homepage of Seiyoken
Head office of Matsushima Park Hotel was Seiyoken in Tokyo.